Bolz 50L 316SS Cone Screw Dryer-Mixer system designed for R&D, Pilot, or small scale production. This is a very nice turnkey system that includes the 50L size unit mounted into a frame, vessel can be lower and raised, side wall lump chopper, on board vacuum pump, lighted sight glass, dust filter, solvent condenser, and condenser catch pot, and special feature that allows either liquid or gas to be injected into the vessel during operation. A complete control system is also integrated. Just hook up the utilities for heating the vessel, cooling liquid to the condenser, water to the vacuum pump and electric and you will be ready to begin work. Unit will be provided with a limited warranty and can be fully tested prior to purchase.


Manufacturer: BOLZ

Capacity: 50 Liter

Model: 50L


SIZE: 50 Liter

Qty: 1