Rosenmund RoLab 0.1 Sq.M. Nutsche Filter Dryer, Agitated. Material is ALLOY 22. Internal and jacket rated 90/FV @ 302 Deg.F (-10 to +150 Deg.C). S/N RFGD 0.1-07-40109. NB # 296. (64.5 Liter). Includes Howorth Glove box Isolator with Minipurge control system. Sanitary Pharmaceutical design. approx. 18" Dia. filter vessel. Unit is rated for Hazardous Locations (class 1 division 2). Unit ONLY Test Run with High Purity Water and then never used due to plant closure.

Capacity: 0.1 SQ.M.

Material: HASTELLOY 22

Manufacturer: ROSENMUND

Model: ROLAB

S/N: RFGD 0.1-07-40109

Quantity: 1