***SOLD*** used 3V Cogeim Type Filtrodry FPP010 SD/FM Nutsche Pressure Filter Dryer. Hastelloy C22 contact parts. Design code: ASME VIII Div 1, 97/23 CE. Approx. 350 mm dia. filter plate with 0.10 Sq.M. Filtration area. 130 liter total capacity and 60 liter slurry capacity. Welded dished top and clamped flat bottom plate with hinged Davit Arm for swing away removal. Internal rated full vacuum/7 Bar design pressure @ -35/+180 deg. C. External stainless steel jacket 15 liter capacity rated full vacuum/7 Bar design pressure at -35/+180 deg. C. With top mounted dust filter. 2 blade agitator with bellows and top mounted gearbox. With hydraulic power pack for agitator, raise & lower with 200 mm stroke and side discharge operation driven by 5.5 kw 380-415 volt, 3/50, 1455 RPM motor. Comes with Extract Technology Isolation Booth with discharge valve. Drawing and manuals are available.

Capacity: 0.1 Sq.M.

Material: Hastelloy C22

Manufacturer: 3V COGEIM



Quantity: 1