**SOLD**16,000 BPD Lube Hydrotreater, LHT at 3,000 psig. Unit was built by Fluor. The P&ID's of the unit are available upon request. The unit was used from 2000 to 2008, to run 20,000 BPD at 2,700 psig to make Gas Oil Feed for ethylene cracking and also used to make ULSD. The Lube Hydrotreater Reactor, R-024-01 is 8' diameter x 7', 3450 psig, Catalyst Volume: 2800 cu ft. The U1A, two drawings of the LHT Rx and the P&ID of the reactor portion of the LHT are available upon request. To summarize the materials of construction of the Rx: Shell thickness is 8.636" minimum, 9" ordered, Heads:5.757" Minimum, 6" and 6-1/2"ordered. Shell and heads are SA 387 Grade D, N and T, (which we assume means Normalized and heat Treated)63,000 psi Tensile Strength. The stainless weld overlay is 347 stainless, 3/16" thick. Design pressure is 3,450 psi at 850F Hydro tested at 5,134 psi. MAWP 3,477 at 825F; 3,505 MAWP at 800F; 2,977 MAWP at 900F. SOLD...NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Type: Hydrotreater

Capacity: 16,000 BPD


Built By: Flour