Biodiesel/Biofuels facility, has a current capability of about 10 million G/Y, and can reasonably be expanded to about 18 million G/Y of production. Standard base catalyzed with Methanol addition. Plant includes methanol recovery and glycerine purification. The system is designed to handle a variety of feed-stocks. To date materials such as used vegetable oils, tallow, lard, corn oil, soybean oil, canola oil, mixed off-spec vegetable oils, and several vegetable oil/animal fat combinations have been successfully processed. Also located on site is a Glycerine Purification plant used to rum biodiesel grade glycerine by-product and purify it to technical and kosher grade glycerine. The Glycerine plant was capable of purifying 1,200,000 G/Y and is being sold separately. Quoted As Is Where Is. (GreenCat)


Capacity: 10,000,000 GPY/1.2 M/GPY


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