**SOLD**UREA PLANT FOR SALE. Rated 700 TPD. Originally designed to produce 600 short tons per day of Urea in the form of Granules. Constructed by C&I Girdler in 1973/74. The synthesis and recovery sections utilize the Snam-progetti Process Design. The finishing section employs the C&I Gridler-Cominco Spherodizer Granulation Process. Total Recycle Design. The Granulation Process was shut down in 1991, but the plant continued producing 700T/D of liquid Urea. The remainder of the plant was run until 2003 producing liquid Urea. Unit is match marked, dismantled and ready to load. Loading cost is additional. SOLD SOLD

Type: UREA

Capacity: 700 TPD

Design: Snamprogetti Process Design

Built By: