Huber Unistat 141w, Refrigerated Heating Circulator. Temperature range: -40 to 200 °C. Cooling capacity (0 °C): 3.5 kW. Cooling capacity (-40 °C): 0.2 kW. Heating capacity: 4 kW. Pressure pump max: 90 L/min / 1.5 bar. Pump connection: M30x1.5. Power supply: 400 V ~ N 50 Hz, with transformer for North American power conditions(460v 3 phase). Unistat circulators are an ideal solution for fast and precise thermal control of externally connected applications. These systems offer rapid temperature change and a wide temperature range without having to change fluid.

Type: Refrigerated Heating Circulator

Size / Capacity:


Temp (F): -40

Model: 141W

Manufacturer: HUBER

Serial: 41686-99

Quantity: 1