used 150 Liter (40 Gal.) Sanitary Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Reactor/Fermenter. 316L Stainless Steel shell rated 60/Full Vacuum @ 350 Deg.F. Jacket rated 60/FV @ 350 Deg.F. Has clamp-on top with hinge. Has bottom mount for magnetic mixer (mixer not included). Mounted on load cells with Mettler read-out. Includes light source. Unit is mounted on portable cart.

Gallons: 40

Dia. Inches: 24"

Length (T/T): 23"

Shell PSIG: 60/FV

Shell (F): 350

Shell Material: 316 STAINLESS STEEL

Jacket PSIG: 60/FV

Jacket (F): 350

Jacket Mat: Stainless steel

Manufacturer: T&C Stainless


Serial: TC-6387-2

Stamped: NB 528

Quantity: 1