***SOLD*** DCI 139 Liter (36 Gallon) Sanitary reactor. Rated 30/FV @ 400 Deg.F internal and 140/FV @ 361 Deg.F. Jacket. 20" Dia. x 2'4" T/T. Equipped with a bottom mounted magnetic mixer (UL rated explosion proof). Mounted on wheels. Has hinged lid. Pharmaceutical grade.

Gallons: 35

Dia. Inches: 20

Length (T/T): 2'4"

Shell PSIG: 30/FV

Shell (F): 400

Shell Material: 316L STAINLESS STEEL

Jacket PSIG: 140/FV

Jacket (F): 361

Jacket Mat: 316 Stainless Steel

Manufacturer: DCI


Serial: JS2338


Quantity: 1