Used Autoclave Engineers Lab Reactor. 300 cc total capacity, 200 cc working capacity (0.2 liters). Hastalloy B contact parts. High pressure, rated for 6000 psi at 650 F. Electrically heated. 1.2 kw, single phase 120 voltage. Air operated variable speed agitator. Shaft and mixing blade. Thermocouple and coils. Serial number 8302964-1, built new 1983.

Gallons: 1

Dia. Inches:

Length (T/T):

Shell PSIG: 6000

Shell (F): 650

Shell Material: HASTALLOY B

Jacket PSIG:

Jacket (F):

Jacket Mat:

Manufacturer: Autoclave Engineers


Serial: 8302964-1


Quantity: 1