10 Gallon, Pilot Plant type reactor, Precision Stainless Sanitary reactor vessel. 316L Stainless Steel. Unit rated 75/FV @ 350 F. internal and Jacket rated 100/FV @ 350 F. Has control panel with Rosemont mdl 54 control, top mounted level gauge, valves and more. Variable speed Lightnin model P6S05R top mounted mixer. Mixer shaft has 2 sets of blades. Mounted on portable stand on wheels 36" W x 36" Deep. OAH = 80".

Gallons: 10

Dia. Inches: 14

Length (T/T): 12"

Shell PSIG: 75/FV

Shell (F): 350

Shell Material: 316L Stainless Steel

Jacket PSIG: 100/FV

Jacket (F): 350

Jacket Mat: 304L Stainless Steel

Manufacturer: Precision Stainless


Serial: 980111

Stamped: NB 7604

Quantity: 1