Qty (7) Each: 1500 Gallon Stainless Steel Reactor. Esterification/Polymerization Reactors/Autoclave. High Viscosity side scrape Agitator with 10 and 41 RPM output speeds. Double mechanical seal. Internal Rated 113.8/FV @ 844 deg.F., Jacket rated 52.6 PSI @ 644 deg.F. Reactor body is 316 SS polished inside. Unit is Fully Jacketed and also has an Internal coil for Cooling or Heating. Includes Drive motor and outlet valve. Qty (7) EACH

Gallons: 1500

Dia. Inches: 81

Length (T/T): 4

Shell PSIG: 113.8/FV

Shell (F): 844

Shell Material: 316 SS

Jacket PSIG: 52.6

Jacket (F): 644

Jacket Mat: CS

Manufacturer: HITACHI



Stamped: NB#'S

Quantity: 7